VDB-20 2000VA Variable Autotransformer like Variac

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High efficiency variable autotransformer with roller brush in desktop type case. It can be conveniently connected via back panel socket with IT-15 isolation transformer to isolate your device and provide the functionality of variable isolation transformer. Power 2000VA


Winding type: Auto (non-isolated), adjustable

Fitted with roller brush to provide smother movement, better contact and significantly increase durability

Overheat protection

Overcurrent input protection

Overcurrent output protection

EMI filter

LCD voltage meter

LCD current meter

Output sockets:  1 x UK, 1 x universal, safety banana sockets


Input voltage: 216-253 VAC

Output voltage 3-260 VAC

Max output current: 7.2A

Output power: Max 2000VA

Efficiency: 90%

Display accuracy: Voltmeter±(2.5%Rdg+2 digits)

Dimensions: (W×H×D):

Weight:  9.5 kg


1 review for VDB-20 2000VA Variable Autotransformer like Variac

  1. Ryan Bevin

    The company are very friendly and cooperative. This model was ordered but the unit was damaged in transit. This was not an issue though as there was a new one sent out straight away and the damaged version was collected as well. As for the product, it is fairly accurate and consistent. Overall a solid product.

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