SDU-06 600VA Step Down Transformer UK to USA


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High efficiency step down transformer UK to USA with additional over and under voltage protection plug adapter. It allows you to use American appliances in UK. Optimised for the UK power grid. Power 600VA


Transformer type: Toroidal

Winding type: Auto

Input EMI Filtering

Overheat protection

Overcurrent input protection

Overcurrent output protection

Over/under voltage protection (external plug adapter)

LCD voltage meter

Output sockets:  2 x USA (type B)


Input voltage:  240 VAC

Output voltage 120 VAC

Max output current: 4.75A

Output power: Max 600VA

Efficiency: 95%

Display accuracy: Voltmeter ±(2.5%Rdg+2 digits)

Dimensions: (W×H×D):

Weight:  5.67 kg


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