M10AC250-1 Isolated AC Power Supply

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Variable isolation transformer


Provides galvanic isolation
Digital display for output voltage and current
Output voltage continously adjustable
Over current input and output protection
UK AC output socket


Input voltage: 240 (220) VAC
Output voltage: 0~260 VAC
Output current: Max. 5A
Output power: Max 1300VA
Display accuracy: Voltmeter ±(2.5%Rdg+2 digits) ; Ammeter±(2.5%Rdg+2 digits)
Dimensions: (W×H×D): 260×160×340mm
Weight: 17kg

Package include:

Variable isolation transformer unit
2 Fuses


1 review for M10AC250-1 Isolated AC Power Supply

  1. Chris Moller

    Indispensable for debugging faulty domestic appliances safely. However, it’s disappointing that it has a separate isolation transformer, adding 10kg to the weight – a dual-winding variac would eliminate that.

    Rather than just leave the earth pin of the socket disconnected, it would have been nice to have had an earth leakage warning indicator light.

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