ITV-15 Isolated AC Power Supply

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Variable Isolation Safety transformer 1500VA


  • High quality toroidal isolation transformer conected in cascade with variac
  • Transformer shield to minimize capacitive coupling between primary and secondary windings
  • Provides galvanic isolation and allow to adjust output voltage (0-260V)
  • Digital LCD voltmeter with blue backlight
  • Digital LCD ammmeter
  • Inrush current protection
  • EMI filter
  • Overcurrent input protection
  • Resetable overcurrent output protection
  • Auto resetable thermal cut out fuse
  • Thermal overload LED indicator
  • Output mode selector switch (floating, disconnected, grounded)
  • UK AC output socket


  • Input voltage: 240 (220) VAC
  • Output voltage: 0-260 VAC
  • Output current: Max. 6A
  • Output power: Max 1500VA

1 review for ITV-15 Isolated AC Power Supply

  1. Robert Brown

    Solidly built, and an invaluable piece of kit in our lab. It has been used for equipment repair, running equipment rated at 110V, transformer short-circuit testing, isolating instruments from ground during sensitive measurements, and soft-starting inductive loads. Having the choice of taking the output from the 3 pin socket or the 4mm connectors is very useful.

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