ITV-15 Isolated AC Power Supply


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Variable Isolation Safety transformer 1500VA


  • High quality toroidal isolation transformer conected in cascade with variac
  • Transformer shield to minimize capacitive coupling between primary and secondary windings
  • Provides galvanic isolation and allow to adjust output voltage (0-260V)
  • Digital LCD voltmeter with blue backlight
  • Digital LCD ammmeter
  • Inrush current protection
  • EMI filter
  • Overcurrent input protection
  • Resetable overcurrent output protection
  • Auto resetable thermal cut out fuse
  • Thermal overload LED indicator
  • Output mode selector switch (floating, disconnected, grounded)
  • UK AC output socket


  • Input voltage: 240 (220) VAC
  • Output voltage: 0-260 VAC
  • Output current: Max. 6A
  • Output power: Max 1500VA


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