Adjustable over under voltage surge protector



 Adjustable overvoltage undervoltage surge protector UK type 15A

Mains power faults like  brown-outs, surges, lighting strikes are harmfull for all electrical and electronic equipment, but especially vulnelable are :



 Air conditioners

 Pumps and Motors

PC and AV equipment



For complete protection simply plug the protector into the mains and plug in your appliance.When the mains power supply fluctuates outside pre-set tolerances the power to your equipment is disconnected.The device monitors the voltage for a short period to ensure the power has stabilised bedore re-connecting.In addition, the start-up delay provides protection against power-back surges commonly experienced after resumption of power in power cut situation.Surge and spike protection is also incorporated to ensure protection against these events which are very common.They are generated by lighting and nearby switching off and on other equipment sush as vacuum cleaners,pumps,motors,television,elevators etc.


Max power: 2600W

Operation Voltage: 230V/50Hz +-10%

Surge Suppression: 100 Joules

Adjustable Voltage Range: 140 Volt – 265 Volt

Adjustable Timeout (delay time): 5 – 999 Secs

Max Current : 15A


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